Sometimes history is easy to find. You can pick up a book, do an internet search, or ask someone who knows.  Sometimes, a little more diligence is required to gather and preserve the knowledge that fades in the mists of time. The Centennial Committee is looking for help for the Centennial History Project.
This clipping is about Jersey City Rotarian Edward I. "Teddy" Edwards. Do you want to know about Teddy? You can just pull up his biography at Wikipedia. After all, besides being the Treasurer of the Rotary Club of Jersey City, he also served as State Comptroller and as the 37th Governor of New Jersey.
What about the other members of the Club in 1920? Who were they, and what did they mean to our Club and our City?

Join the Centennial History Committee and work to develop a richer history of our club's first 100 years.


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