Brush off your tux! Steam out your gown! Join the Rotary Club of Jersey City as we celebrate 100 years of fellowship and community service!
Not only we will eat, drink, and dance to commemorate this momentous anniversary, but six people will be honored for exemplifying Rotary International’s Five Avenues of Service.

The honorees and their Avenues of Service are:
Jerry Walker  -  Service to Youth
Fire Chief Darren Rivers  -  Service to Vocations
Nick Caballero and Mory Thomas  -  Service to the Community
Evelyn Mejil  -  International Service
Kathleen Strebb-Sweeney  -  Service to Rotary
Jerry Walker and his brother Jasper Walker founded Team Walker in 1976 in an effort to “give Jersey City children the same after-school programs they enjoyed while growing up”; programs, which Team Walker writes on its website: “helped them mature academically and athletically and pointed them in a positive direction for future success.”
A firefighter for 34 years, Chief Darren Rivers joined the Jersey City Fire Department in 1982 and after rising through the ranks, became Deputy Chief in 2007 and then Chief three years later, having been appointed to that position in 2010.

Mory Thomas has served as Vice President of the Jersey City Parks Coalition since 2008 and is a Founding Trustee of the Washington Park Association of Hudson County. He is also the Director of Culinary Development of the Food Network and Cooking Channel. His co-honoree, Nick Caballero founded Nick Caballero Ideas for Living, LLC in 2008; a “construction, design and project management business” according to his LinkedIn page. He is also Secretary of the Washington Park Association of Hudson County.

Evelyn Mejil is the Executive Director of the Wynona House for Child Advocacy of Essex County. She has battled against the sex abuse of children during her career, saying that after she herself had been abused as a child, she was saved by one state employee who battled her superiors on her behalf.

Kathy Strebb-Sweeney is the Manager of Casino-in-the-Park in Jersey City, which hosts the Club’s weekly membership meetings. The Casino is one of the most prominent catering facilities in Hudson County, with Kathy having facilitated the Rotary Club’s meetings and dinners over the years.
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